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Integrated Warehousing and Distribution Services

Directly hit enterprises’ pain points and requirements, and provide customers with lean supply chain operations with integrated warehousing and distribution.

  • E-share Warehouse

  • E-speed Distribution

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Logistics Technologies and Equipment

Provide customers with the optimal software systems and equipment integration solutions to accelerate the logistics efficiency with the power of technologies.

  • Warehousing Software System

  • Equipment Integration Solution

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Supply Chain Finance

Use technologies to link finance and industry, provide a package of supply chain finance integrated solutions for both industry and finance.

  • Financial Cloud

  • Platform Factoring

  • Financing Asset Securitization

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Grand Healthcare Industry

Focus on the grand healthcare industry to provide customers with a series of industrial base operations services which cover policy support, solution customization, and venture investment.

  • Solution Customization

  • Operations Management

  • Platform Engergization

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Supply Chain Consultation

Rely on abundant practical experience in supply chain management to provide customers with supply chain consulting schemes for omni-channel “solution + implementation”.

  • SOLUTION+X Solutions

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Cross-border Logistics Services

Onyanga provides one-stop cross-border logistics solutions, and can realize cross-border direct mail BC (9610 mode) and bonded stocking BBC (1210 mode).

  • Cross-border Direct Mail (BC Mode)

  • Bonded Stocking (BBC Mode)

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E-share Warehouse

  • VMI Trusted Warehouse

  • Super Integrated Warehouse

  • AI Intelligently Shared Warehouse

  • Smart Shared Warehouse

  • Easy Overseas Warehouse

E-speed Distribution

  • Customized Distribution

    Whole-network Distribution

  • Same-day Distribution

    Small Parcel Distribution

    Combined Order Distribution

  • FTL Distribution

    Large Parcel Distribution

    Time-specific Distribution

  • Overseas Distribution

    Cross-border Distribution

Warehousing Software System

  • Transportation Management System (TMS)

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  • Warehouse Control System (WCS)

  • Product Target Tracking System (TTS)

Equipment Integration Solutions

  • DPS Pick to Light Split Picking

  • FCS Box-type High-speed Sorting

  • DWS Weighing and Measuring

  • AS/RS Pallet Storage

  • Mini-load Circulating Box Storage

  • Robot

SOLUTION+X solutions

  • Supply Chain Optimization Scheme

  • Supply Chain Financial Scheme

  • Industrial Base Overall Scheme

Primelink System

  • National Information Security Classified Protection Level 3 Certification

  • Trusted Block Chain

  • Scenarized Risk Control

  • Assets Digitization

  • Splitting and Circulation

  • Tamper Proof

  • Online Finance

  • Repurchase Guarantee



  • Warehousing Center,


  • Cover Provincial-level Administrative Regions


  • Warehouse Space


  • Main Line and Branch Line Network


  • Daily Order Processing Capacity





Ebon Holdings Group was founded on August 11, 2008. Ebon Holdings Group has been committed to improving service quality since its inception. Its remarkable logistics supply chain service and sustained innovation allows Ebon to establish long-term cooperation with many grand healthcare industry customers. Ebon is the leader in the supply chain service of grand healthcare industry.